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Our Building

Many ideas were born in this building over the years and slowly taking a shape. The outcome is  “Convivial House”. The Convivial House is more of a concept then an actual business.  Situated in the urban area of Rome called Tuscolana three companies co-exist in the same building. Hospitality is the core business, weather it be in a hotel room or in the restaurant we share a common goal. The mission of these activities is shared: to make our customers “Happy” in an authentic atmosphere and this can only be achieved through a satisfied and protected staff and a constant search for quality.

Room types

The Bistrot we opened is a place where you can enjoy a selected non industrial wines and beers from small breweries and vineyards. A place where to socialize at the rhythm of jazz. 

The restaurant Accasadi is unquestionably the most renowned in the area. The menu offers seasonal vegetables combined with creative roman receipts, oven cooked pizza and state of the art Italian cusine.

Viale Opita Oppio, 76 – 00174, Rome
Telefono: +39 (06)3789 2126
Cellulare / Whatsapp: +39 3517719920
Email: team@convivialhouse.com

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Self check-in

Self Check-in per la tua SICUREZZA

Questa novità migliorerà la tua esperienza e la tua sicurezza. A fronte dell’emergenza CONVID19 la City Guest House si è attrezzata per fare check in senza la necessità entrare in contatto con il personale. Con la tecnologia  KEY BOX puoi prelevare le tue chiavi in autonomia

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