Convivial House


Convivial House


Experience Tuscolano neighborhood

The most authentic area in Rome

Tuscolano area, anciently developed by the Romans to connect the nearby Tuscolo to Rome, it is located approximately 6 km south-est of Rome historical center. An area rich of architectural styles but mostly recognized for its “social” architecture of the post WWII.  Home and inspiration of Pasolini Film maker and the home of the Cinecittà Studios, where the italian cinematographic golden years occurred. Here, away from the tourist attractions is where you can savor roman authenticity and community. 

Since we opened the City Guest House 20 years ago we’ve been offering an alternative experience than your typical hotel: we’re outside the historic center and slap bang in the middle of the real Rome. We  believe that our guests leave with a richer and more authentic experience of the city.

Street Art Quadraro
Surreal “Temper Tot” of Ron English
Gourmet tasting
At its Best
Historical Movie Studios -20 min walk from hotel
Local Food Markets
10 minute walk from Hotel
Parco Degli Acquedotti
Jog amongst the ruins - 5 minute jog from hotel

Viale Opita Oppio, 76 – 00174, Rome
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