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Bookings for Convivial House are managed by a third party company called

Article 1 – Purpose
The company, located Rome, Italy, Via Rovereto 6, 00198 (Rome)
This document states the rights and obligations of both parties for the reservation of hotel accommodations proposed by the Athena Solutions?s web sites as well as the sales made through partner web sites using the reservation tool.

The terms and conditions constitute the entire rights and obligations between both parties, no other condition may apply.

Article 2 – Governing Law and Disputes
The present agreement is governed by the laws of Italy. In case of a disputes due to the interpretation or the execution of the agreement, the partners agree to find out a private solution.
If such solution may not succeed, the dispute will be governed by the law of Italy. shall not be held responsible for disputes arising at the hotel what ever the reason may be (greeting, level of quality and comfort…). The terms and conditions are proposed for your convenience in several languages, however, only Italian text should be referred to in case of dispute. Therefore, any legal procedure will have to be based on the Italian version of this text.

Article 3 – Rates and Information
The prices that are indicated on Athena’s Websites are posted in Euro (€) per night per room (unless otherwise indicated). These prices have been forwarded to us by the hotels themselves and may sometime differ from the price indicated in the hotel. Therefore, the customer accepts that indicated prices may vary from the ones confirmed by the hotel. Athena is not responsible for all, prices, information and conditions, which are inserted by the Hotels.

Article 4 – Payments
All the credit card or bank transactions are managed directly by the Hotel and are regulated by the payment policy shown in the reservation checkout screen.

Article 5 – Reservation
Clicking, on the reservation form, on the «Book Now » button after having filled in your personal data and credit card information, constitutes an irrevocable commitment in the reservation that you have transmitted to us.
This commitment may only be considered as nil only if you cancel the reservation within the time and terms described in the “cancellation policy”.

Article 6 – Confirmation
We confirm your reservation by email. It is therefore imperative that the email address that you communicate to us be absolutely correct. In case your email address is incorrect we shall no be held responsible for any trouble occurred in the transition of the dates of your reservation. In order to prevent such situation, we will automatically send you a confirmation email of the reservation request that you had sent us. If you do not receive such email within a few minutes, please send us an email at [email protected] stating the characteristics of your reservation
After having proceeded with your reservation, we confirm it to you by email that stands for a proof of your reservation and that recapitulates all the information concerning your reservation and the hotel (including telephone and fax number). The reservation is taken between the client and the Hotel.

Article 7 – Cancellation
You will be entirely responsible for all costs due to the cancellation of your reservation. The Hotel is entitled to apply its own cancellation policy, described on the “cancellation policy”. Confirming the reservation you accept the terms of the cancellation policy communicated by the Hotel through and Athena’s websites.

Article 8 – No-Show
In case of no show of the customer the hotel will apply its own no show policy (your stay will partly or totally be charged on your credit card). Confirming your booking you accept the terms and conditions described by the hotels in the “cancellation policy”, available in the websites in the moment of reservation and/or hotel availability pages.

Article 9 – Visa
It is your responsibility to obtain a visa for your entry in Italy and in other countries where the hotels in are. or the Hotel shall not be responsible for extra charges occurred in case of entry or exit visa fees. The same rule applies for all medical vaccination cost necessary to enter in any Country.
Your are also responsible for obtaining all transportation tickets necessary
No refund will be granted in case of delayed arrival at the hotel (a day or more).

Article 10 – Secure Site
Our web site benefits from the latest SSL protocol, terms are described in “Secure Data”.

Article 11 – Customer Information accepts not to transmit to third parties all personal dates that you have communicated to us. These data are confidential. They will be used by us only to process your reservation and to optimize our communication and the offers that could propose you. 
This present article may not prevent us from any cession or activity transfer to a third parties. Consequently you have the right to access, modify or refuse cession of your personal data. For this you have to inform us either by email or by letter indicating your name, first name, address and email at: [email protected] Site Security utilises a GeoTrust SSL technology (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL encrypts your name, credit card number and expiry date before they travel over the Internet. This makes doing business over the Internet as secure as purchasing by telephone. You can be assured that your credit card details will remain completely confidential.

SSL is a set of rules followed by computers connected to the Internet. These rules include encryption, which guards against eavesdropping, Data integrity, which ensures that your communications are not tampered with during transmission and authentication, which verifies that the party who receives your communication are who they claim to be.

There are two levels of encryption: 40-bit and 128-bit. With 40-bit encryption, there are billions of possible keys to decipher the coded information, and only one of them works. Someone intercepting the information would have to find the right key – a nearly impossible task. With 256-bit encryption, there are 300 billion trillion times as many keys as with 40-bit encryption. It is virtually impossible for an unauthorized party to find the right key, even if they are equipped with the best computers. implements 128-bit encryption through our partner GeoTrust. This is currently the highest standard of security available on the Internet and ensures that any information, which you submit including your credit card details, will remain completely confidential.

Credit Card requires your credit card details in order to guarantee your reservation with the Hotel you have chosen. The hotel requires your credit card details in order to secure your room. This is a standard requirement and guarantees to the hotel that in the event of you not turning up or not cancelling on time, they may redeem part or all of the cost of your booking.

When you reach the booking page on our website you will notice two significant changes to your browser. Firstly, in your address bar the usual http situated before the URL is replaced by https, this is informing you that you have reached a secure area of the site and your sensitive information is safe. At all of the information that you provide us with is protected and will never be passed onto a third party.

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