When in Rome live like the real Romans do.

Book a room from €40 a night

Experience the real Rome

Inspired by life in our neighborhood: the culture, values and traditions that make life in Rome so special.

Book a room from €40 a night

A new way to experience rome

Since we opened 20 years ago we’ve been offering an alternative experience that your typical hotel.

We’re off the beaten track outside the historic center, slap bang in the middle of the real Rome and believe that our guests leave with a richer and more authentic experience of the city.

This means you get more space, comfort and are surrounded by people going about their business and not part of the big tourist machine. Local food cooked for local folk tastes nicer too – trust us on this.

Convivial House is a philosophy as much as a place to stay

Our hotel, the City Guest House, is still there. We’ve re-thought our spaces and introduced new types of room: go to our Accommodation page for an more info and photos.

It also represents the great #foodie experience of Accasadì, which has been serving locals and our guests for over 10 years.

More importantly, it reflects what travellers want as they visit new places and experience new cultures. We live in the AirBnb era and people’s expectations have changed. Fortunately for us we have always been different and this latest evolution has come as naturally as our previous ones.

Read on to learn what the convivial house experience is…

A group of friends are preparing breakfast in the kitchen, they are eating bacon sandwiches and chatting happily amongst themselves. It looks like they are on a weekend away vacation.

We've replaced our reception with a wine bar

Don’t worry, you’ll be taken care of with the same professionalism and enthusiasm. With the added benefit of a glass of dry white, a fresh juice, if you prefer, or a short black. The reception desk has been moved to the top floor next to the roof garden.

Check yourself in... or let us help you the old fashioned way

We believe in technology but only when it helps make life easier, like our new Key Cafe system or the ability to communicate with us via your preferred channel, including Whatsapp. But if you prefer to be looked after by our staff there is always someone to help.


A different space: generous, elegant and homely

Convivial House was built by merging a number of apartments that featured spacious and light-filled rooms, retaining the existing spaces and not trying to fit more ‘bums on beds’.

Take a closer look at our accommodation.

Foodie heaven at Accasadì

We opened Accasadì back in 2009 to offer our guests the same type of dishes they would find in any Roman family’s home. It quickly became popular with locals, which is a better measure than an online review. Check out Accasadì.

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