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Book a room from €40 a night

Accasadì restaurant

Where the locals eat. Spending quality time with their friends and family, talking about soccer, politics and what to eat the next day,

Book a room from €40 a night

the art of slow dining

Accasadì is one of the best trattorie of the Tuscolano area, serving fresh and sophisticated dishes that are presented unassumingly and without pretence.

This explains how ten years on Accasadì remains a favorite amongst locals who like to meet up for a slice of pizza, good wine and a long chat.

Unlike restaurants in the historic centre catering for volumes of tourists, Accasadì only serves dishes cooked on the day with fresh ingredients of the season.


Best book in advance

Book via the Accasadì website (in Italian) or get in touch with us and we’ll arrange it for you.